Christmas came early


When I got my Kindle I never imagined I’d get a second ereader but today was that day. Santa hubby bought me a Nook so that I can borrow library books and read epub files which you can’t do with a Kindle. I love my Kindle but the Nook is a welcome edition. Santa hubby let me have it just long enough to set up my account and download a couple of free books. Now it’s wrapped and under the tree. At least this is one Christmas when I get exactly what I want and not Santa hubby’s idea of what he thinks I want.


27 thoughts on “Christmas came early

    • At least I got my hands on it long enough to set up my account so that I can download some free books to read once Christmas morning comes and goes. Hubby scored major points this year.

    • I know how you feel. Even though I have my Kindle I can’t wait to get my hands on the Nook and play around. Just looking at sitting under the tree is oh so tempting.

    • I remember getting the first generation Kindle about 6 months after the initial release date (I now have a Kindle DX in addition to my brand new Nook). I was hesitant about jumping on the ereader bandwagon. I made sure to buy one that had a money back guarantee in case it turned out not to be my thing. And honestly I was hooked about 5 minutes after getting it out of the box and downloading my first eBook.

    • Finally in 19 years of marriage the first Christmas gift truly meant for me and not what he thought I might want. 🙂 As I live outside the library eBook lending boundaries I’m waiting until the first of next year to pay my fee and then I’ll be loading up on bestsellers and trying out new authors.

    • I’m sure I’ll enjoy once Santa hubby let’s me get a hold of it. And I’ll be making good use of the library eBooks which I haven’t been able to do so until now.

    • Sure but it probably won’t help you much. I don’t really have mine trained I just have a system I’ve been using for 19 years of marriage. I make shopping really easy for him – I pay from my account and then transfer the amount from his account to mine. 🙂

      While my Kindle will remain my primary ereader I’m looking forward to giving my Nook a workout. Each does have its +/-


  1. Congrats the NOOK came! Now time to say… download.. freebies! Go girl and remember to give those eyes a rest every now and then 🙂

    Santa Hubby deserves a big sloppy kiss from Santa Wifey and make it worthwhile with a smile 🙂

    • Because it hasn’t been wrapped yet I actually snuck it out last night and registered it a Adobe Digital Editions so that I could download an epub file. I fessed up to Santa hubby this morning. That’ll teach him to wrap the presents.

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