MM blogaversary and 2012 tour sign ups

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Mailbox Monday’s blogaversary is just around. OK so it’s really August but what’s a month or two when you’re planner like I am.

First I’d like to thank all the blog owners who have hosted MM over the past 10 months and those hosting the remainder of 2011. I never thought when I put MM on blog tour that it would sustain its momentum. Things have gone so well that I have a wait list that takes MM hosting well into 2013. I hope everyone has had fun visiting, and discovering, new blogs.

Now on to the 2012 tour stop sign ups. Because of the size of the wait list I’ve decided not to repeat any of 2011 tour stops. I want to be able to give everyone who is wait listed the opportunity to host. A 2012 MM tour host email will be going out to wait listed hosts in the order I received your request. Once all 2012 tour hosts have committed I will post the new tour stops. I know it seems like forever since some of you signed up but I promise eventually your turn will come.


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