Mailbox Monday | July ’11

  1. The Witch’s Grave (Ophelia & Abby, #6) by Shirley Damsgaard
  2. The Seventh Witch (Ophelia & Abby, #7) by Shirley Damsgaard
  3. The Glass House (Captain Lacey, #3) by Ashley Gardner
  4. The Dark Enquiry (Lady Julia Grey, #5) by Deanna Raybourn
  5. The Silent Girl (Rizzilo & Isles, #9) by Tess Gerritsen
  6. Books Can Be Deceiving (Library Lover’s, #1) by Jenn McKinlay
  7. Hotwire (Maggie O’Dell, #9) by Alex Kava
  8. The Sixes by Kate White (Authors on the Web)
  9. Iron House by John Hart (St. Martin’s)
  10. The Man with the Baltic Stare by James Church (Minotaur)
  11. Call Me Princess by Sara Blaedel (Publicist)
  12. Love Lies Bleeding by Jess McConkey (aka Shirley Damsgaard)
  13. In a Treacherous Court by Michelle Diener
  14. Tempest in the Tea Leaves (Fortune Teller Mysteries, #1) by Kari Lee Townsend

16 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday | July ’11

  1. Hot Wire is a good one! I had a hard time putting that one down. Shirley Damsgaard series is a good one too. Have a great week and happy reading!

    • IMO I thought Hotwire was OK. It left me wondering if this series is starting to run out of steam. I loved The Seventh Witch (Shirley Damsgaard) which finished the Ophelia & Abby series.

    • I’m currently reading Tempest in the Tea Leaves. Any cozy that mentions cats, especially a mystical creature, in the first chapter is my kind of cozy. I’m saving In a Treacherous Court for my October vacation. I have a long plane journey.

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