Great Balls of Fire


Lord almighty I feel my temperature rising. I’m on fire, Kindle Fire that is. Yes I ordered the newest member of the Kindle family this morning. Though I won’t be using it for reading, not with a back lit screen. I still  have my K3 or Kindle keyboard as they are now being called for that. This one is strictly for media consumption. I’ve been debating getting a tablet device for the last several months but couldn’t stomach the prices and data plan fees. They were just too much money. And I wasn’t sure how much use it would get. I don’t really watch a lot of movies or TV. I don’t watch YouTube videos. I’m not very tech savvy especially having no children to guide me along. I still use a pre-paid flip phone for heaven sakes. The 20 year olds I work with think I’m from the stone ages. Hey I’ll be 50 come November. I’ll admit I’m not as current as I could be. If I don’t have a use for it why have it?

Over the last day or so I’ve been reading tech blogs leaking stories about the Kindle Fire. This sounded like a media tablet that would fit my needs without sending me into bankruptcy. After logging on to Amazon first thing this morning and asking my brother a few tech questions I was sold. I promptly secured my place in line. The shipping date is November 18th so it’s a nice happy birthday to me present.

And on my way to gym this morning I figured out the perfect use for my toy — distraction. I started a workout program in July. I’ve been going 5 to 6 times a week. While the TVs are great the shows get old after a while. I detest commercials and I’m more than tried of repeats or not having anything of interest on. And I really need to figure out a way to kill those two hours besides clocking watching. Several other members watch programming on their smart phones but the screens are too small for me — I have old eyes. I believe the Kindle Fire is my perfect solution.


2 thoughts on “Great Balls of Fire

    • LOL! I am in line behind Karen from Books on the Knob. 🙂 I’m pretty excited as I’ve been wanting a tablet for a while now. I’m not tech savvy at all so I’ve been bugging my brother with questions already today and the Fire hasn’t even arrived at the house. I want it gym ready for media viewing almost the minute I get it out of the box.

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