Mailbox Monday | September ’11

  1. The Ronin’s Mistress (Sano Ichiro, #15) by Laura Joh Rowland / Minotaur
  2. Miss Dimple Disappears (Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, #1) by Mignon Ballard / Minotaur
  3. The Dove of Death (Sister Fidelma, #20) by Peter Tremayne / Minotaur
  4. The Demon’s Parchment (Crispin Guest, #3) by Jeri Westerson / Minotaur
  5. Dangerous to Know (Emily Ashton, #5) by Tasha Alexander
  6. Mind Over Murder (Raven’s Nest Bookstore, #1) by Allison Kingsley
  7. Sleight of Paw (Magical Cats, #2) by Sofie Kelly
  8. The Gilded Shroud (Lady Fan Mysteries, #1) by Elizabeth Bailey
  9. The Burning (Maeve Kerrigan, #1) by Jane Casey
  10. The Gravedigger’s Ball (Det. Mike Colletti, #2) by Solomon Jones

15 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday | September ’11

  1. Wow! You got some great looking books this week. I liked Mind over Murder. Dangerous to Know has a gorgeous cover I think I’d buy just for that. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

  2. The Demon’s Parchment looks particularly good. I read book 1 of the series but have to catch up with book 2 first before I can get this new one. Great mailbox!

    • I really enjoyed the first book in the series, Curiosity Thrilled the Cat. Sleight of Paw is loaded on my Kindle and going on vacation with me.

  3. I haven’t read any of those authors (and don’t know most of them), though I have one of Tasha Alexander’s books waiting for me in my TBR pile… Enjoy!

    • I actually didn’t finish Dangerous to Know. It was sent to me and I think too far into the series to be a good place to start.

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