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Gosh I really should have dinosaurs populating my blog instead of books. It’s amazing the things one learns once they become a part of the 21st century. I guess I spend too much time with my nose in a book (ebooks) instead of interacting with technology. I might ramble a bit but I’ll eventually get to point of this post if you stick with me.

Just to give you an idea how far behind we were until three weeks ago Jim and I were using pre-paid flip phones. The looks from my co-workers were horrifying. They couldn’t figure how Jim and I functioned without phones that do nearly everything thing except wash windows, fold laundry and cook. My kids don’t much care for technology. It’s really difficult to text when you don’t have opposable thumbs. And I don’t need to be touch with them 24/7. Heck they spend all their time in the same rooms we do. And yes we still had a land line! What were we going to use those fancy phones for? We soon got lessons in just how handy those gadgets are.

After acquiring smart phones our world changed. Mostly mine but Jim’s a bit also. There’s nothing like new technology to humble a person. Our land line is no more. And once I got the hang of things my laptop went into early retirement. Between my smart phone and my Kindle Fire my beloved laptop is now the dinosaur of technology in our house. I really do love my phone and all its wonders.

And here comes the point of this post. For the longest time I’ve been seriously debating quitting blogging. Putting my laptop away made the decision for me. I realized I didn’t want that particular tether any more. Blogging for me has never been easy. And not having the laptop in easy reach only made my decision that much easier. I kept my domain name but had my brother move my blog away from a hosting site. So if you go looking for A girl and her books (formerly The Printed Page) you won’t find a thing because he made it vanish. I didn’t want to pay expensive hosting fees for a blog that was basically going to be ignored. That also meant migrating my email back to Go Daddy. And having email downtime during the process. My brother convinced me to open a Twitter account so we could be in touch during this process. I’ve avoided any sort of social media for years. Now I was going to really join the 21st century and open a Twitter account? I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about but there was some trepidation on my part. But I love it, my Twitter account that is. Not that I’m doing a lot with it yet but I did figure out one really good use for me. I’m not one to tell you a lot about myself and what I’m doing. I really don’t find myself all that fascinating. But now I can tweet about books. My geek brother was kind of enough to tell me that tweeting is considered micro blogging. See that’s where the dinosaur business comes back into play. I’d never heard the term micro blogging before today.

Now I ‘blog’ in 140 characters or less. If you can’t figure out if I liked a book in a single tweet than I really am doing something wrong. I’ll be tweeting about the books I read. Those tweets will be posted on the side bar of this blog. Or you could follow me but then you probably get too may tweets just like you get too much email. I’m out there as @mamacat02. The occasional personal tweet might show up from time to time but mainly it’ll be books, books, books.

If you read the entire post thanks for putting up with my rambles.

~ Marcia


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