Marcia’s Mailbox | 7.18


Kill You Twice by Chelsea Cain

Archie Sheridan should be healing – mentally and physically – from his past run-ins with serial killer Gretchen Lowell. But while he seems to be making some progress, he’s just as haunted as the day she let him go. He tries to focus on his work: a cyclist has come across a corpse in Mount Tabor Park on the eastern side of Portland. The man was gagged and hanging by his wrists from a tree, his torso skinned. It is the brutal work of a killer bold enough to torture his victim for hours on a sunny summer morning in a big public park.

The investigation isn’t far along before Archie gets a call from an unlikely source. In fact, after months of ignoring calls from a doctor at the mental hospital where Gretchen is supposed to be locked away forever, Archie is surprised to hear that she claims to have inside knowledge about the new investigation, and finally agrees to see her face-to-face. Archie is sure she is bluffing just to get close to him, but he can’t take the chance of losing his only lead.


2 thoughts on “Marcia’s Mailbox | 7.18

  1. Hi Marcia,

    When I read the synopsis for this book, I immediately thought of ‘Hannibal Lecter’ and ‘Silence Of The Lambs’.

    Then I checked the author out and realised that this is the latest in a series of books, so I have obviously had to reassess my thoughts.

    This sounds like just my kind of book, although I am wondering if they work as stand alone novels, or if they need to be read as a series and in sequence?

    I am still adding them to my wish list and will be on the look out for any of the series, in my charity shop travels!!

    Thanks for sharing this great find,


    • Hi Yvonne,

      You could probably read this book as a stand alone but you’d be missing a lot of history between the two main characters which really drives this series. Personally if I’m reading a series I always start from the beginning and work my way through to the most current book. I find if I start later in a series I miss character development and story line references that make sense only if I’ve read previous books.

      My husband keeps trying to get me to read a book in a series he’s currently reading his way through. I’d do it except it’s like book #20 something. He’s actually reading the series backwards. He’s starting with newest and working his way to book #1. That’d drive me crazy.

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