All things bookish moving to Pinterest


Truth is I’m lazy and have better things to do than blog. It’s never really been something I’ve enjoyed. That’s why I’ve switched blogging gears so many times in the last 5 years. Trying to find my comfort zone. I’ll probably switch gears again, one never knows. Writing, editing and proofing blog posts just isn’t the way I want to spend my evenings and weekends. I’d much rather be turning the pages of a really good book then torturing myself over a keyboard. Besides I’m a truly visual person and the cover of a book will catch my interest or spark a memory long before reading a blog post does/will. So all things bookish are all moving to Pinterest boards. And it’s so much faster/easier/lazier to pin a book cover than put together a blog post.

Hooked by a Book/Mailbox Monday Pinterest boards

2012 reading list
Book ’em Dano (misc bookish stuff)
Library Loot & Marcia’s Mailbox
T.I.M.B.E.R. – Too Incredibly Many Books (I’m) Expecting (to) Read (book wish list)
Love the cover (book cover art)

3 thoughts on “All things bookish moving to Pinterest

  1. Good luck with your new format. I love Pinterest! I use it with my blog, but don’t think I would use it instead of my blog. But like you say, we all have to find our comfort zone. Good luck to you on finding yours.

    • It probably isn’t the way to go for a lot of people especially if one enjoys blogging. I don’t miss my blogs. I love going to my Pinterest boards and seeing all those books right there in one place. Seeing the covers brings to life the story I read or quickly reminds of the books I want to read.

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