Welcome Kathy to Mailbox Monday


I’m excited to welcome Kathy of BermudaOnion’s Weblog as the permanent backup host for Mailbox Monday. Kathy joined the Mailbox Monday MEME before it was a MEME.

As we’ve had two hosts this year not make an appearance I thought it time for a permanent backup host. One of the many great things about having Kathy as the backup host is she lives on the east coast whereas I live out west. This two-hour difference in time zones is a big deal when you’re looking to post and I’m not even out bed yet. I work the late shift – I go bed late, I get up late. Also Kathy has large blog and twitter following so she’ll be able to get the word out quickly if she’s hosting for the month. Plus if we do have another host miss you’ll have a place to go instead of wondering what’s up.

Here’s the plan: If I know ahead time that a host won’t be participating I’ll post here and tweet that everyone should head over to Kathy’s blog for leaving links. When Monday morning comes and for some reason the current host hasn’t posted Kathy will include Mr. Linky in her MM posts for the month and she’ll be our meet up spot. ** Kathy won’t be putting up Mr. Linky on Sundays as some hosts don’t post until Monday.

~ Marcia


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