2013 Mailbox Monday blog tour


Updated at 1:30pm MT – Only November remains unclaimed for next year’s MM blog tour. Thank you to everyone who responded promptly and claimed a month. Once I get November filled I’ll post next year’s tour hosts and blog stops.


Well gang as of today it doesn’t look like Mailbox Monday will be blog touring next year. It’s not that I don’t want it to I do. But I’ve emailed several invites to those on the wait list and have received zero responses. I realize that some of you have been on the wait list a long time. I know it’s been frustrating waiting for your hosting stop. And I get that you might not be interested in hosting after such a lengthy delay. You might not even post Mailbox Monday posts any more. But not to hear back from anyone is a bit unusual.

I don’t necessarily want to change the game plan but I might have to. I know the hosting page states “that I contact you in the order your name was added to wait list” and that’s what I’ve doing. But this time the game plan isn’t working. I can’t help how you’ll feel about my changing the way tour stops are filled but if I don’t then Mailbox Monday ends this December.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to send a group email to every name on the wait list. The first 12 respondents or so, in order the replies are received, will be selected to host a MM tour stop next year. All I ask is that you select your hosting months in numeric order from ‘want to host that to month’ to ‘no thanks’. It might take more than the first 12 respondents if possible tour hosts are very selective about hosting months. If I don’t fill all 12 slots by using the wait list I’ll then open it to one and all to fill the remaining slots.

If this method proves more effective I’ll no longer keep a wait list. I’ll do what my employer does every October – I’ll go the open enrollment route. I’ll post and tweet that I’m looking for tour hosts for the upcoming year and I’ll fill slots in the order I receive your emails.

~ Marcia

11 thoughts on “2013 Mailbox Monday blog tour

  1. I never received an email but I did get the one today. Will email you back my info soon. I would be happy to host a month or two if needed.

    • This is the first email you’ve gotten so you didn’t miss anything. Your name was a ways down the wait list. 🙂 At least your blog comment lets me know that my emails are being received. Thanks!!

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