Am I still blogging?


I’ve had several inquires whether I still blog or not. Over the years I’ve started, I’ve stopped. For all the steps forward I’ve taken just as many back. I’ve set up and abandoned different blogs because nothing ‘felt’ quite right. I’ve read I don’t know how many times from blogging authorities that people blog because they want to be noticed, have lots of visitors, get attention and they want free books (if you book blog). I bought into those notions for a long time. And because I bought into those notions blogging was a chore. If one didn’t want all that what was the purpose for blogging? But it didn’t fit my personality. Talk about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Blogging is putting yourself out there and I’m by no means a self-promoter. I read a lot. I most likely read so much so that I can hide behind my books. I love books, I love reading. And if in some small way I can share that love with others great. I’ve come to realize that it’s OK if no one notices my blog. I blog for me. I blog because I’m a visual person. I love to look back over the year and see where my reading adventures have taken me. New authors I’ve discovered. New series I’ve been introduced to. And I’m a cover art snob. I love looking at the great covers that have graced the books I’ve read the past year.

I don’t blog at Mailbox Monday. It serves its own purpose. I don’t blog at The Printed Page or Sleepless in Meridian. For those of you who have asked or are curious I blog at To Be Continued. I’ve always wanted a blog dedicated mainly to series. If you stop by great, if you follow that’s fine too. If you comment I’ll answer. What I won’t do is feel obligated to play by the blogging authorities notions of why a person blogs.

~ Marcia

6 thoughts on “Am I still blogging?

  1. Blogging authorities, tee hee. And there are sooo many!!!!!!!!! And yes, blogging is a chore! It is hard work! I don’t have a hobby because blogging (& all it requires) takes up whatever free time I have. I hope to someday be able to free myself of the yoke.

    • It is definitely hard work and can consume a lot of free time. I found I’d rather spend my well earned free time reading than blogging. That’s why my blog posts have become streamlined at To Be Continued. And I spend maybe half a day at the end of month updating reading lists and such.

  2. I took a blogging break for many of the reasons you have said. I am now blogging more to my own style, trying to find what works for me. I’m glad that you’ve found a way to keep blogging for yourself as that is the most important part. I’m glad that you are still here, you are one of the first blogs that I started reading when I started blogging 4-5 years ago.

    • I, too, have taken breaks or tried to quit completely. But I find that I’m a little bid addicted to having a blog. I find myself drawn back every time I try to walk away. So I had to decide what I really wanted in my blog and my feelings about blogging. This time I went with my heart and not my head. I love reading series and have loved the name, To Be Continued, for years so that’s the direction I went. It fits my reading style perfectly.

    • Blogging can be very consuming depending on what a person wants from and for their blog. And yes it was definitely cutting into reading time which is valuable time to me. As I enjoy reading much more than trying to put my thoughts about books into blog posts I decided to keep the new blog very simplistic. There are so many other places for readers to find reviews that I merely wanted a place with notes and pretty visuals for myself. It’s for others to decide if they like what I do. If they do that’s nice, if they don’t I’ll never know. 🙂

      And you’re welcome for Mailbox Monday. I glad you enjoy finding new books and discovering new blogs.

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