Thank you Kathy and welcome Bob


thankyouI’d like to thank Kathy for filling in as backup host for MM whenever our scheduled host hasn’t made an appearance. I truly appreciate everything she has done to support this meme over the years. MM wouldn’t be around today if Kathy hadn’t stepped up when I asked her to be our first backup host. She said ‘yes’ probably not knowing what she was getting herself in for! It’s been well over a year since she started as backup host so I decided it was time to give her a well deserved break. After all there is life beyond blogging and she has a full plate.


welcomeI’d like to welcome Bob as our new MM backup host. Starting next month Bob will check the scheduled host’s blog the first Monday of the new month, If they haven’t posted a MM post he will include linkys each week for the month in his MM posts. I ask our backup hosts to wait until Mondays to check as some hosts post on Mondays while others posts on Sundays. I want to make sure our scheduled host has been given the opportunity to get their MM post up and running before a backup hosts puts up a linky.

Bob blogs at Beauty in Ruins – Speculative and Imaginative Fiction


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