The Mailbox Monday Question


Hello Mailbox Monday participants.

As Marcia stated earlier, she would be passing the torch for Mailbox Monday.  Below is a poll to determine the best course of action.

Starting in 2014, this blog will be the backup host for Mailbox Monday meme should the meme continue to rotate among different blog hosts on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Should everyone want to rotate blog hosts for MM, we’ll post a sign up after the poll is concluded.

Also, even if the MM blog becomes the permanent host, would you be interested in having a monthly co-host running a linky simultaneously:

15 thoughts on “The Mailbox Monday Question

  1. I don’t know if we’re able to add the the poll, especially since there are already a good number of votes. But could you potential have a new co-host each month, and the link-up is posted here as well as the co-host? That way you know it will be posted, it gives bloggers the opportunity to co-host, and you get to discover new bloggers who are co-hosting?

    • Shoshanah, I think its late to add to this poll, but we could gauge interest in co-hosting if most people seem to still want to rotate. We could offer co-hosting rotation after this poll is finished.

  2. I personally, think that MM should have a permanent host.

    This would give continuity to the meme, with an established format and a regular time at which contributors can expect to find the ‘link live’.

    Having a co-host seems rather a strange idea to me and rather confusing. Some contributors would surely post to MM, whilst another may well post to the co-host link. Or is it anticipated that contributors should post to both links ‘just in case’ … all rather off-putting to me I’m afraid.

    Please keep it simple guys, that way everyone knows the plan and what they should be doing each week …. other similar memes seem to manage it!


    • Yvonne, I’m with you on this one. I think it would confuse the issue having too many hosts. I think one location to post a link is enough and then visit the participants that way. That’s what I’ve always done until the most recent rotation of hosts, which seemed to reduce community traffic to the meme in general.

      • I’ve participated in other co-host blogs, and they way it works is there’s a single link-up. The bloggers just need to share the code between them. So if you were to visit either of the hosts it will show the exact same link of blogs, and you’re able to add yourself to the link of either place. For an example of this type of link-up, you can look at Follow Friday which is hosted at both Parajunkee and Allison Can Read

  3. I think making the MM blog the permanent host makes the most sense. Rotating to different blogs each month gets confusing, especially when the scheduled host doesn’t post. I know some bloggers looking to host one month might be interested because of the potential for increased traffic/comments, but from my experience as a host last year, most people just put their link in the linky and that’s it.

    I think visiting a handful of blogs listed in the linky and commenting there is a better way to meet new bloggers, because in my experience, most will comment back to you. I’ve made several new blog connections that way. The idea for the meme is to check out new books and make new community connections, and I think a permanent place on the MM blog is the easiest way to promote that.

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  6. Hi Everyone,

    This debate seems to be rumbling on and on and I am unclear as to when a decision is likely to be made, seeing that there isn’t very long to go before the end of December, to allow a new host to prepare.

    I absolutely love the idea of the Mailbox Monday meme, however, if the system for posting becomes too complicated or messy, then I shall definitely be looking for an alternative Monday meme in which to participate.

    I can’t believe that there isn’t one person out there who is prepared just to speak with Marcia directly, pick up the meme and run with it …. job done!


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