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Here at Mailbox Monday, we want to encourage participants to not only share the books they received, but to check out the books others have received.

To that end, we’ve decided to share “Books that Caught Our Eye” with you. Each week,LeslieSerena and Vicki  will each share 2 books that caught their eye from that week’s Mailbox Monday and share them here.

We encourage you to share the books that caught your eye in the comments.

Here are the books that caught our eye this week:

Leslie’s Picks
9781408841143The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing by Mira Jacob at Sam Still Reading.
“Spanning India in the 70s to New Mexico in the 80s to Seattle in the 90s, The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing is a winning, irreverent debut novel about a family wrestling with its future and its past.” I like a good mystery and this one sounds captivating. And it’s already received a lot of good reviews on goodreads. [But the cover is much, much, much more appealing on the Australian version at Bloomsbury than on the US version at the goodreads link.]

18079702The Thing with Feathers: The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human by Noah Strycker at Cerebral Girl.
I can’t pass up a fascinating look into the live of birds. I know a few of you are probably thinking how can there be a bird book I don’t already have. But no, don’t have this one … yet.



Serena’s Picks

18453242The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell @ Posting for Now
I really love the idea of renovating or refurbishing, especially in stories where tragedy strikes. The protagonist, Lila, is dealing with the death of an infant, and she throws herself into her recent inheritance, a country house. I love that through creating and making objects (homes) better, protagonists are able to renew themselves. But there are also secrets to be uncovered in this one.


17574849The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide, translated by Eric Selland @ Book Dragon’s Lair
This book says there are poetic moments and focuses on “A couple in their thirties live in a small rented cottage in a quiet part of Tokyo” who has very little to say to each other until a cat decides to enter their kitchen. You have to know something this quiet about a small cottage and a cat has something more in store. I would love to find out what the mystery is.


Vicki’s Picks
Both my books this week came from Luxury Reading

18751744Surrounded by Sharks by Michael Northrop
Davey is on vacation at the beach with his family. He wakes up early one morning and can’t go back to sleep. He decides to grab a book and head down to the beach without leaving a note letting his family know where he’s going. He sees a “no swimming” sign, but goes in anyway, to test the water. The waves pull him into the ocean and things go from bad to worse when he sees a shark nearby.
I have to know how this turns out for Davey! This is geared toward age 12 and up.

18404251Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro
If you’ve been visiting our BTCOE posts, you know how much I love relationship books. This sounds like a doozy.
A group of thirty-something couples and their children spend a weekend at a beach house on Long Island. A part of the blurb says “tensions build, burn, and collide over the course of the weekend, culminating in a scene in which the ultimate rule of the group is broken.” I gotta read this!

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