Books That Caught Our Eye


Books That Caught Our Eye

Here at Mailbox Monday, we want to encourage participants to not only share the books they received, but to check out the books others have received. We encourage you to share the books that caught your eye in the comments.

Here are the books that caught our eye this week:


BeirutI Remember Beirut by Zeina Abirached from Infinite Curio.

I love that there are books coming out about more recent history, like this one about 1980s Beirut. There is black and white art included, and this book takes place when the city is rife with conflict between Christians and Muslims. The description says that this one focuses on bringing to life ordinary lives amidst these struggles.

MigrantI, Migrant by Sami Shah is a comedian, telling his story in as he migrates from Pakistan to Western Australia. From Sam Still Reading.

I don’t read a lot of memoirs, but I do enjoy immigrant stories. This one is unique in that it is not an u.s. immigrant story, but one about a Pakistani leaving for Australia. And he is a comedian and journalist, so what’s not to love.


MigrantMy first choice is I, Migrant by Sami Shah and was found @ Sam Still Reading. Sami Shah was nearly killed by a kangaroo, almost lynched, and run out of town after his comedy was taken far too seriously. The combination of these things and seeing the aftermaths of a devastating bomb attack and being the target of death threats convinced him to leave Pakistan, and he now lives in Australia. This sounds very funny…and interesting!

CalledToRiseMy second choice, found @ Book N Around and We Are Called to Rise by Laura McBride , “challenges us to think about our responsibilities to each other and reminds us that compassion and charity can rescue us, even in our darkest moment. It is a book that will break your heart and then put it back together.”
After reading that, I couldn’t pass this book up!


AllTheLightAll the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr at Words and Peace.
“A stunningly ambitious and beautiful novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.”
I don’t read a lot of “war” novels but this one sounds like it focuses on the lives of two very interesting and opposite characters trying to do good in bad times.

HelenaRubinsteinHelena Rubinstein by Michele Fitoussi at From L.A. to LA and Book N Around.

The true story of a woman who built an empire in a time when women in business were not taken seriously. I enjoy books about strong women.


4 thoughts on “Books That Caught Our Eye

  1. I’m so glad you thought there were some yummy looking books in my mailbox last week. It means I am not alone. 😉

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