New Host and Thank You Blogging Community!



Normally, we don’t have too many unpredictable posts. MM on Sunday evening or Monday morning and our Friday Books That Caught Our Eye.

Today is an exception.

I want to thank the blogging community for continuing to participate in Mailbox Monday over the years and for Velvet at vvb32 Reads who stepped in when we needed another host. She has been a fantastic addition to the family.

When Velvet expressed that she wanted to pass on the torch, our search for a replacement began. We received several offers, some who wanted to step outside their comfort zone for the good of the community.

Emma of Words and Peace has been gracious enough to volunteer for the long haul, and she will take over for Velvet in December and onward.

Here’s a little introduction from Emma. If you haven’t visited her fantastic blog yet, you should.

“I have been book blogging at Words And Peace since 2010, and participating in Mailbox Monday since 2013. The book blogging community has given me so much along these years. It’s my joy to give some of my time to help Mailbox Monday live on and grow.”

Please give Emma a warm welcome. We’re happy that she’s on board and helping us keep the meme alive.

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